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​​"My house is looking amazing - so stylish and beautiful - but at the same time very me! People keep commenting on what great style and amazing taste I have - and I have to keep explaining that it wasn't actually me but you! So here I am - passing along the compliments to their rightful recipient!! Thank you again - I had a wonderful experience and love the outcome."
Jo McGrath - The Gap, Brisbane QLD
​"When people visit, they comment on your colour scheme in the living/dining area. They comment on the beautiful way you have chimed in the different colours. It strikes me on mornings when the sun pours into the area. The brown, green, and pink stand out so vividly to my eyes and I think to myself how lucky I am, especially considering what might have been there without your assistance."
Michael - Havana House, Brisbane QLD

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Formed from a desire to give clients a space that is uniquely them by fusing unconventional materials into dream palettes that stand the test of time, Studio LaLa celebrates colour and texture, through functional spaces tailored to each individual client.

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